Who am I?

My name is Heath Farrow. I am a software developer who has worked in the games industry since 2008 at companies such as Electronic Arts, Disney, and Blizzard Entertainment. See my LinkedIn profile for my professional job history.

You can find various hobby projects from over the years on GitHub. Several projects are old and incomplete but contain code nonetheless. I do share my “dot files” for ZSH and Neovim. The source for this static site is also available.

What is this blog?

This is my personal development journal. My motivation for starting a journal is to document interesting problems I run into and any learning I desire to take the time to write about. I don’t have an intended audience for what I write but perhaps the journal provides a look into my interests, projects, and approach to problem solving.

This blog site is a hobby project itself. I frequently use Neovim for text editing and as a hobby project IDE. I decided to use a static site generator and Neovim to write all content for the site. I see it as an opportunity to better utilize Neovim as a text editor and become more comfortable with Markdown authoring.

About this site

This site is hosted by GitHub Pages and generated by Hugo, a static site generator. The site is published by a GitHub action when the main branch is pushed. I chose Hugo because I had previously experimented with Jekyll in an earlier but mostly empty iteration of this site. I wanted to try something different and I was also interested in using GitHub Actions to publish the site. GitHub pages will publish Jekyll sites automatically without the need for GitHub Actions.

I chose a popular theme for Hugo named PaperMod. I like it for it’s simplicity and availability of dark and light modes. I looked at portfolio themes that can better showcase projects and work history; however, I don’t have projects I wish to showcase for now. I may switch to another theme or extend PaperMod in the future if desired.